The school is currently developing a number of courses; from a one year post graduate level intensive course, to a collection of short courses, evening classes, workshops and one off events and learning opportunities.



One Year Post Graduate Level Course


Critical Art Practice & Society is a brand new radical fine art course, located 3 minutes from the seafront in Hastings at the heart of the south east coast contemporary art scene. Our ethos proceeds from an avant-gardist conception of art as political, formally experimental, and socially positioned.

The programme is structured as a series of seven intensive modules over the course of one year.

Students will take a proactive role as producers of artworks, events and writings. The course includes activities such as the organization of exhibitions, broadcasts and talks; research into questions of function, funding and methodology; and the writing of a manifesto. 


Practice and theory are not separated on this course but are understood within a unified approach to critical teaching, thinking and production. Discussions, group readings and screenings will accompany all modules. There is an emphasis on collaboration understood not in a banal sense of participation but in the strongest critical, political and social sense as what we call ‘conspirative’: from ‘con’ (together) + ‘spirare’ (breath).

Hastings' distinctive creative spirit offers students on this course unique opportunities for public and collaborative art projects.



Our short course programme  starts in January 2016 and has been written by established Artists living and working in Hastings. The subjects will range from sound art to political theory, performance to experimental drawing, and creative writing to sculpture as process.


The programme's timetable is currently being designed to fit with different domestic circumstances to make learning more accessible to those who may have barriers that restrict their free time, such as work, family, and geographical distance. 




A list of our new short course programme is coming soon.

Short Course Programme